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I said oh, I will post a post tomorrow because who is counting and nobody would know or would they? Does anybody care?

Yes, I care since my writing gifts are depending on. Heck, I am the one who felt I needed a challenge, hint the ONLY reason I took this WordPress Post A Day Challenge-while seeking to keep my sanity, and trust me at this point, I am wondering why would I take on another challenge (as if I don’t have enough blogs (3) to be exact.

It is my attempt to be a survivor at all things, so you can refer to me as SUPER DWRITER (lol), but I will survive it or at least that is my prayer.

Learning to juggle life, sleep (the body repairs itself between the hours of 10-2am, so I am hoping for a miracle that when I am sixty I don’t feel or look a million.

Seriously this challenge is not the most challenging for me, the challenge is hmmm writing itself especially with the constant interruptions (where do people get off asking Writers questions while they are Writing?Where they do that at? Glad you asked, in my family! Do they NOT comprehend that the words, I am composing are coming from a thinking creative brain where words & thoughts run rampant by the millisecond at least in my head?

The best Writers go on retreats for this reason alone, I am sure. NOTE TO SELF: Go on a Writing Retreat, ASAP! Perhaps there, I will discover respect and regard for my gifts as a REAL WRITER.

Folks either DON’T CARE or COULD CARE LESS about Our relationship with Our broken laptops, and the lack of relating to them (FOLKS) on a social level (I AM WORKING ON MY MASTERPIECES, so I HAVE NO MORE TIME TO WASTE, WHICH IS WHY I SPEND TIME PENNING MY PROSES, so please LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE CLICK OF THE KEYS, THANK YOU, Geeeeeeeeessssh, it’s getting to be a bit much!

For goodness sakes can’t you see I am typing, and if only I had a dollar for each time I say that surely I’d have an overflow in my piggy bank.

NOTE TO THE WRITE INTRUDERS, Writers are UNABLE to  ANSWER and/or RESPOND to your POINTLESS (find the remote yourself), UNRELATED (Who Cooked? I don’t know just eat it for crying out loud!) & SENSELESS coupled with LAZY QUESTIONS like where is the Ketchup, hmmm bend your back, and reach for it in the back of the refrigerator where you last left it!

Tomorrow I will offer you a more in dept look into my muse, words, so this post has been tagged at 11:18pm, hence, I am sticking to my post per day, woooooooooo. 🙂

Off to recalibrate my body clock if that’s at all possible because between the blue chapped painful lips, tight back, I thirst and hunger for rest not sleep but some good old fashion rest. Well i am proud of myself, I have completed this post without a bunch of run on sentences, bullet points, explaining the explanation as I can do often.

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As a writer less can often be more something I must learn and apply although my writing on my other blogs has yet to be visited by the people who say they love me (they are tired of all the information, I send via text, Facebook and at family functions, so they have opted out of following me, and that is fine, I have learned not to bug them any further because they will read about me in magazines, books, and when I am on stages accepting my awards and thanking them for pushing me to be my best by shunning my talent, gifts and very being.

WOW,  I am shocked because this has to be my shortest post ever since I opted out of simply writing “this is my post per day”~thinking sarcastic prose wouldn’t help me as I stare at this white blank screen.

Well it is 11:29 pm, and I am done, so put a pen, I mean a fork in me, good night until my next post per day, I will be dreaming about blogging I am sure my life isn’t all that intriguing, I blog, I write, I seek greatest and I mentor in a nut shell that’s me oh yeah I eat, pray, praise, and laugh often.