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I need to put a post up daily. I must admit, I do love writing but often don’t feel the need to write, but because I want to keep fresh content coming, I need to be here blogging, but I don;t need to make it my entire life, speaking of which truly it would do me some good to get out more.

If this was a client, I’d be more on point in developing their brand, so why am I not doing the same for myself and working much more diligently at building my own.

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Working effortlessly at doing so much, seems to be more than I bargained for. Branding my blogs has been simply a little frustrating not seeing the money meet me where I am professionally, well at least where my writing is.

An epiphany hit me, and I realized the money will come for indeed that’s not why I write because if that were the case I wouldn’t write one word nor speak for that matter.

I love what I do, and I do it for me 1st(confidently well, might I add), and then for you second.  Finally comfortable with admiring my gifts for the written word, and my blogging brands because they-,, give me the ability to expose my gifts to the world to invite you to share in my life and the things a writer endures on a daily basis, which may seem a little boring to most, but it’s my life, my story unedited with some comma’s, periods, explanation marks with some flaws like the rest of us, might I add.

The difference between writers and those who don’t write or can’t is we tell the whole story perhaps with a little frills, life, zest, zeal, and a lot of added colors some we dream up ourselves, but truly our way with words is all we’ve got. Simply put, I write my last words here on this post making a commitment to me, my writing, my blogs, my post per day (without thinking too much about it), and my life first without excuses of why I haven’t done what I know I am suppose to do to get to the place I know I belong, right here, right now, exiting humbly gracefully, the same way I entered!