Okay, why have I known this person for like ever. Okay since she was a baby (now she is full-grown), and on her grown woman hard body model tip, writing trip to everywhere by way of Brooklyn, New York (my block ROCKS). Brooklyn born Fashionista Writer, Blogger, Creative, Gorgeous, and simply has an aura that anyone seeking out beauty would soak up all that is Tierra Lee &  her muse, affectionately she calls the ErraofArre (I so ❤ it, honey), and I know you will too.

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The Erra of Arre

Why do I absolutely love her, and her style? She blogs. She writes. She dresses. She is She. She has such a leg up on so many literally & figuratively. She’s humble. She is of Kindred Spirits. She is Erra of Arra. She is creative. She captivates. She motivates. She stimulates that model within at first glance of her ‘I AM HERE’ stance, SHE GOT IT! She DIY. She has some really neat tips on her blog, she Does It her way, herself, and then she wears as she shows you how to wear your DIY get it and go type of wardrobe. She snaps her beauty with thoughts on electronic pages creating her own stages, as she flips through the pages of her mind to remind ALL who she is where she from (E.N.Y Brooklyn) and why she is eRRa of aRRe (I love typing that~lol) All this and not even thirty, she pulls it off with grace, elegance, and fierce shoes (GET YO SHOE GAME UP PEOPLE or let her teach you how, she TOUGH! She simply writes and speaks volumes with very few words, but can I learn the eRRa of aRRe (told ya I love writing that so stop laughing at my era’s irie lol) and better question can we?


The girl (woman) BAD, she gives you FEVER, she IGNITES you, she EXUDES that Paris MODEL STANCE all day everyday, SHE BAD, Yeah she is the eRRa of aRRe (smh at me lol)! I am super über excited to get a full in-depth interview and have her collaborate on the Motivated Beauty Teen Magazine launching in February with a soft launch then a BIG THANG in the months to follow.

Photographed by Erra of Arre creative and talented friend

Veola Shondelle Austin

As one writer to another and a fashionista in my own right, and so what if only it exists in my dern head (its my dream not yours), I am what I say I am, and all I want to say is I wish I had the heart, the legs, the flair to dare and be me like Erra of Arra when I was her age, SHE BAD, let it be known I said it first (1st~nothing like your first … blog that keeps you up all night and those you admire that does the same thing to you, eRRa of arre, honey you have gave me a spark that will reshape my craft of it all (pushing forty, you taught me so much this day and I say thank you mylove. All of you reading Erra of Arra is simply a delight, and the true beauty of the enigma of she and who she be is she has been this way since she was a toddler, ummm, so glad I knew her when…so stay tuned for her Dairies, DIY, Awards, & Erra-Torials, and by the way I so love her titles and sections.


Check her out tomorrow on my main blogs at: The Creative Womb of An Infopreneur & The Creative Womb of Dwritewell, I am so looking forward to our phone interview, chica is headed places for indeed her gifts have made room for her, and I am sure like me she holds tight to her mustard seeds.


Tierra Lee is TOUGH!!!

Dwritewell says without apologies, That CHICA over at eRRa of aRRe is real TOUGH, ya heard me! Coming from the scribes of the blog Erra of Arra: “I vividly remember the days when I struggled to find my niche. Yesterday, myself and a few friends painted the West Village an assortment of colors. ‘Bout Our Business Burgundy‘ – ‘Can’t Stop Coral‘ – and ‘Giving It Up Green‘ lol…we PRACTICED. Now that I have it, I just ask that God matches my strut as I walk my way to SUCCESS. I don’t know anyone who’s innately GREAT. It takes time. & with time, It takes practice.” Tierra Lee Editor, Founder & Creative Executive Director of  www.ErraofArra.com

MODEL MADE ... Naturally Fierce!!!

This picture right HERE, OMG, this picture RIGHT HERRRE is so BANGING!!! Read how she describes her blog, SHE TIGHT with words, I promise you: “The Erra of Arre is more than a fashion and style blog. It is my melting pot of thoughts. My outlet of inspiration. My canvas for empowerment. My mood board of love. My base filled Boom-Box. ..So forth. & So on. ;)” The Erra of Arre Don’t you just love it!!!

As I search for the words to type often, Tierra Lee simply does it well, and I call myself Write Well (go figure), well I better step my writing strut up or blogging strut that is, although finally, I am comfortable being who I am and comfortable supporting Ms. T, I find myself taking notes(literally in my new I need to step my eRRa of aRRe blog game up at least ten notches. Confident enough to offer a compliment and desire the best for all who seek out to become who they already are. She comes from an amazingly strong family (I better save some words for the interview, did I say I know this chica is going far and I am witnesses it and blogging about right here, right now, you are witnesses it too because you are here and she is everywhere with her words, she is a brilliant young courages, super sexy, classic beauty (like her momma and Na-Na’s), and a lovely God gifted woman of faith.
My passion stems from claiming anybody who deems to be good, create good and make a difference by giving birth to themselves ducking at the darts thrown their way and the struggles within every hurdle, but never stopping because quitting never ever is a thought not for one moment. I know her passion and pain, like eRRa aRRe, I write too, so we have a lot in common besides being reared in the same zip code where dreams can be quickly shattered, like me, she created her own box and then wrote in every corner and never allowed anyone to close her in to becoming who they deem her, so eRRa of aRRe is me is you and every writer simply writing because they can’t help it; it oozes out of her veins and remains to be what will be creatively me (in this case eRRa of aRRe).
Well hats off to you Ms. Tierra Lee Erra of Arra, I will be watching, awaiting your significant success strut, so keep blogging, keep teaching this old writer (me) how to keep it simply era free while sipping on tea being well pleased with your reads. Wink, I am promoting you, so hey all the readers here and near, go vote for her blog, as the next Style Fashionista Blogger and simply click the PINK heart next to Tierra and we can get her RANKED #1 because if you are like me, you love a great blog, a good old fashion word massage in your cerrebulum, and live for the creative visual things this world offers us in people like a Tierra Lee, Kevin Lee (oh don’t get it twisted, her uncle is GQ from teenage years, so she gets her fashion sense from so many in her family, but I credit Kev because I admired his style from afar for years) then you will surely love The Erra of Arre.

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She surely gets it from her momma, and momma got it too, Erra of Arre Maker, Ms. T aka Tiwona Lee (this one never ages, I tell ya simply classic and flawless beauty, her momma is simply Tee to me, such a Kindred heart).

eRRa of aRRe gets it from her momma