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Daphne is Dwritewell, and Dwritewell is Daphne D. Williams. The purpose of this blog is to Post Daily for the Sake of Writing and Blogging. I am taking this WordPress Challenge to effectively build my writing and the brand of Me.

Who is Dwritewell? She is me. Me is she. LOL Daphne is a writer that desires to be a better human being, writer and youth mentor. Having a lot of gifts, talents, ideas, and passions is a great thing, but if I don’t do what is necessary for me to develop my brand, I will never get to the place I know I belong.

Daily I am going to post because i need to and I always have a lot to say and very few that will listen. Facebook listens, but are they really getting all my empowering messages. Motivating and inspiring others to be empowering and thought provoking is cool, but if at the end of the day I am barren and when I search there is nobody to inspire, encourage uplift me then what is the point. Although it beats a blank screen this challenge will be just that for me, I mean look at what I have to work with , the WordPress is as exciting as the Facebook theme blue, white, and a little bit of color, so I will do my best. However their front page (my log in is where I learned of this challenge to blog daily.

WordPress 2.5 Czech administration

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One of my many passions is youth coupled with writing, I have created a Magazine called Motivated Beauty Virtual Teenpreneur Magazine, which is simply a fan page on Facebook, I have great visions for the teenzine with very little money to get it all done, but my faith coupled with my talents, passions and all the teens that are on board to assist me, I will get there.

Although I am here writing this for the sake of writing, I quickly come to a close realizing that this is not my first post, but the beginning of a long but exciting journey. I will blog about all things beautiful and interesting as I say thank you for reading commenting and subscribing to all my blogs at http://www.Dwritewell.com, http://www.Dwritewell.WordPress.com, http://www.Dwritewell.Blogspot.com.

Daphne Dwritewell Williams

DwriteWELL with her Million Dollar Smile & Gifted Blogging Hands

On the second week of January and it is the 11th on a Tuesday and now if I complete this challenge, I will have created over 300 posts. I will not only post but attempt to be well read, insightful and creative, which is all the things readers have graciously written about me on my other blogs. Until we meet in blog land enjoy your week. I will write my first post once I wake from my mid day nap, you see I sleep while the house is up and write while they sleep, its not healthy but it works for my writing brain.

Write.Live.Love.Be Well! (TM)

Daphne D. Williams aka Dwritewell





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