Love Again & Again, Explained

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Broken Heart symbol

Mending the Broken Piece to Love Again

Back and fourth, again and again, time to say, no more rejects please.

How long does it take to reflect on lives broken promises, dreams that go unfulfilled, candles that simply melt away on birthday kisses wrapped in aged old wishes?  Looking to stitch the ribbons in the sky back to the quilt draped on fences that directs love back home without defenses nor pretenses.

Inviting, welcoming, and opening up you, while letting your guard down. No more frowns, for indeed you’ve found me in this small town, again you are welcomed and thanked at the same time, well pleased to have hearts meet on the same beat. Pillow with dried up tears and memories that never seem to fade say to dwindle away.

Am I jaded to believe in the happy ending. Is it too much to ask that you edit the script of my life or should I. Perhaps releasing that much power to you was too much and yet it seemed as though I was never enough while you played tough others wrecked our stuff oh well time passes, truly what lasts.

Black Love_L Train
Black Love Image by Fragola13 via Flickr
Why do you make love seem so hard? Is the puzzle to the broken pieces of the fragments of a pumping heart that complicated to mend or is it just that broken to find fault and way to fragile to mend? How does one learn to fill in the blank when the page has no more lines.
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated SA

Seeking Love at ALL Cost

To be continued, until next time …  signed a hopeless romantic awaiting love in a well lit room where my back is out, legs are strong, body is fit, rain gently hits window panes, just before he asks for my hand not in marriage ONLY because we just met, but for the dance of a lifetime. Envisioning it offers butterflies, but they are rejected because he gazes in my watery eyes.

The sway in my flowing dress, the curved dip in the small of my back, elongated neck laced with a solid pearl on crushed velvet smooths his mood while mellowing us both out. Grooving to the Jazz in the backdrop of our lives memories we create that are priceless in space where time no longer exist. Wrapping me gently in his warm embrace lingering in my nostrils forever will be the scent of his timeless trace as my hands caress his chiseled face.

The passionate kiss of his soft beautiful lips as our hearts throb on one accord, listening to the echo of unborn babies desiring to be born, lazy days thinking of relaxing in hammocks where breakfast is served in bed atop thick shapely cocoabrowne legs, that’s the love story in my head … curtains closed, the dance is over, clock strikes midnight, we call it a night, but not before mylove places a soft gentle I’ll be back endearing forehead kiss to keep his name atop the list … little does he know, he is the list although vaguely remembering giving him the keys, but interested to see what he does with them … LOVE ACTUALLY. xoxoxoxox


Erra of Arre: Fashionista, Style Blogger is HAUTE & then some!

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Okay, why have I known this person for like ever. Okay since she was a baby (now she is full-grown), and on her grown woman hard body model tip, writing trip to everywhere by way of Brooklyn, New York (my block ROCKS). Brooklyn born Fashionista Writer, Blogger, Creative, Gorgeous, and simply has an aura that anyone seeking out beauty would soak up all that is Tierra Lee &  her muse, affectionately she calls the ErraofArre (I so ❤ it, honey), and I know you will too.

Vote 4 Tierra at: The Erra of Arre at Style Blogger

The Erra of Arre

Why do I absolutely love her, and her style? She blogs. She writes. She dresses. She is She. She has such a leg up on so many literally & figuratively. She’s humble. She is of Kindred Spirits. She is Erra of Arra. She is creative. She captivates. She motivates. She stimulates that model within at first glance of her ‘I AM HERE’ stance, SHE GOT IT! She DIY. She has some really neat tips on her blog, she Does It her way, herself, and then she wears as she shows you how to wear your DIY get it and go type of wardrobe. She snaps her beauty with thoughts on electronic pages creating her own stages, as she flips through the pages of her mind to remind ALL who she is where she from (E.N.Y Brooklyn) and why she is eRRa of aRRe (I love typing that~lol) All this and not even thirty, she pulls it off with grace, elegance, and fierce shoes (GET YO SHOE GAME UP PEOPLE or let her teach you how, she TOUGH! She simply writes and speaks volumes with very few words, but can I learn the eRRa of aRRe (told ya I love writing that so stop laughing at my era’s irie lol) and better question can we?


The girl (woman) BAD, she gives you FEVER, she IGNITES you, she EXUDES that Paris MODEL STANCE all day everyday, SHE BAD, Yeah she is the eRRa of aRRe (smh at me lol)! I am super über excited to get a full in-depth interview and have her collaborate on the Motivated Beauty Teen Magazine launching in February with a soft launch then a BIG THANG in the months to follow.

Photographed by Erra of Arre creative and talented friend

Veola Shondelle Austin

As one writer to another and a fashionista in my own right, and so what if only it exists in my dern head (its my dream not yours), I am what I say I am, and all I want to say is I wish I had the heart, the legs, the flair to dare and be me like Erra of Arra when I was her age, SHE BAD, let it be known I said it first (1st~nothing like your first … blog that keeps you up all night and those you admire that does the same thing to you, eRRa of arre, honey you have gave me a spark that will reshape my craft of it all (pushing forty, you taught me so much this day and I say thank you mylove. All of you reading Erra of Arra is simply a delight, and the true beauty of the enigma of she and who she be is she has been this way since she was a toddler, ummm, so glad I knew her when…so stay tuned for her Dairies, DIY, Awards, & Erra-Torials, and by the way I so love her titles and sections.


Check her out tomorrow on my main blogs at: The Creative Womb of An Infopreneur & The Creative Womb of Dwritewell, I am so looking forward to our phone interview, chica is headed places for indeed her gifts have made room for her, and I am sure like me she holds tight to her mustard seeds.


Tierra Lee is TOUGH!!!

Dwritewell says without apologies, That CHICA over at eRRa of aRRe is real TOUGH, ya heard me! Coming from the scribes of the blog Erra of Arra: “I vividly remember the days when I struggled to find my niche. Yesterday, myself and a few friends painted the West Village an assortment of colors. ‘Bout Our Business Burgundy‘ – ‘Can’t Stop Coral‘ – and ‘Giving It Up Green‘ lol…we PRACTICED. Now that I have it, I just ask that God matches my strut as I walk my way to SUCCESS. I don’t know anyone who’s innately GREAT. It takes time. & with time, It takes practice.” Tierra Lee Editor, Founder & Creative Executive Director of

MODEL MADE ... Naturally Fierce!!!

This picture right HERE, OMG, this picture RIGHT HERRRE is so BANGING!!! Read how she describes her blog, SHE TIGHT with words, I promise you: “The Erra of Arre is more than a fashion and style blog. It is my melting pot of thoughts. My outlet of inspiration. My canvas for empowerment. My mood board of love. My base filled Boom-Box. ..So forth. & So on. ;)” The Erra of Arre Don’t you just love it!!!

As I search for the words to type often, Tierra Lee simply does it well, and I call myself Write Well (go figure), well I better step my writing strut up or blogging strut that is, although finally, I am comfortable being who I am and comfortable supporting Ms. T, I find myself taking notes(literally in my new I need to step my eRRa of aRRe blog game up at least ten notches. Confident enough to offer a compliment and desire the best for all who seek out to become who they already are. She comes from an amazingly strong family (I better save some words for the interview, did I say I know this chica is going far and I am witnesses it and blogging about right here, right now, you are witnesses it too because you are here and she is everywhere with her words, she is a brilliant young courages, super sexy, classic beauty (like her momma and Na-Na’s), and a lovely God gifted woman of faith.
My passion stems from claiming anybody who deems to be good, create good and make a difference by giving birth to themselves ducking at the darts thrown their way and the struggles within every hurdle, but never stopping because quitting never ever is a thought not for one moment. I know her passion and pain, like eRRa aRRe, I write too, so we have a lot in common besides being reared in the same zip code where dreams can be quickly shattered, like me, she created her own box and then wrote in every corner and never allowed anyone to close her in to becoming who they deem her, so eRRa of aRRe is me is you and every writer simply writing because they can’t help it; it oozes out of her veins and remains to be what will be creatively me (in this case eRRa of aRRe).
Well hats off to you Ms. Tierra Lee Erra of Arra, I will be watching, awaiting your significant success strut, so keep blogging, keep teaching this old writer (me) how to keep it simply era free while sipping on tea being well pleased with your reads. Wink, I am promoting you, so hey all the readers here and near, go vote for her blog, as the next Style Fashionista Blogger and simply click the PINK heart next to Tierra and we can get her RANKED #1 because if you are like me, you love a great blog, a good old fashion word massage in your cerrebulum, and live for the creative visual things this world offers us in people like a Tierra Lee, Kevin Lee (oh don’t get it twisted, her uncle is GQ from teenage years, so she gets her fashion sense from so many in her family, but I credit Kev because I admired his style from afar for years) then you will surely love The Erra of Arre.

Vote For Tierra Ya'll, Thanks

DID YOU GO VOTE YET: Next Big Style Blogger Sponsored By Cover Girl WINNER is TIERRA of  eRRa of aRRe, Yaaay!
She surely gets it from her momma, and momma got it too, Erra of Arre Maker, Ms. T aka Tiwona Lee (this one never ages, I tell ya simply classic and flawless beauty, her momma is simply Tee to me, such a Kindred heart).

eRRa of aRRe gets it from her momma

Why haven’t I stuck to my challenge of blogging daily?

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New York Times

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I need to put a post up daily. I must admit, I do love writing but often don’t feel the need to write, but because I want to keep fresh content coming, I need to be here blogging, but I don;t need to make it my entire life, speaking of which truly it would do me some good to get out more.

If this was a client, I’d be more on point in developing their brand, so why am I not doing the same for myself and working much more diligently at building my own.

Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing th...

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Working effortlessly at doing so much, seems to be more than I bargained for. Branding my blogs has been simply a little frustrating not seeing the money meet me where I am professionally, well at least where my writing is.

An epiphany hit me, and I realized the money will come for indeed that’s not why I write because if that were the case I wouldn’t write one word nor speak for that matter.

I love what I do, and I do it for me 1st(confidently well, might I add), and then for you second.  Finally comfortable with admiring my gifts for the written word, and my blogging brands because they-,, give me the ability to expose my gifts to the world to invite you to share in my life and the things a writer endures on a daily basis, which may seem a little boring to most, but it’s my life, my story unedited with some comma’s, periods, explanation marks with some flaws like the rest of us, might I add.

The difference between writers and those who don’t write or can’t is we tell the whole story perhaps with a little frills, life, zest, zeal, and a lot of added colors some we dream up ourselves, but truly our way with words is all we’ve got. Simply put, I write my last words here on this post making a commitment to me, my writing, my blogs, my post per day (without thinking too much about it), and my life first without excuses of why I haven’t done what I know I am suppose to do to get to the place I know I belong, right here, right now, exiting humbly gracefully, the same way I entered!

Harlem’s Own: Sensei Marvin Gatling, Martial Arts Grand Master

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Photograph of the African American Flag by Dav...

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Let me tell you what I did today, I forgot to rest. Oh boy this brain  of mine is on HIGH all day it’s rather difficult to shut it down simply to relax. I am here posting for the sake of it all, but as I was thinking about what to post and the direction, I desired to have this blog go, I thought about you all, yes YOU, you the people.

We come here with many gifts coupled with unique talents, and I want to publicize them on this blog for all the world to read, and see. You all have something to offer, so I offer this platform for it all to share it in the form of an interview.

It is my desire to see people blessed living on purpose while dreaming in color like me. I want to help publish or should I say help you with becoming who you already are on my many platforms.

If you think by reading the three posts I have written here is any sign of who I am as a writer then you have no idea of what I am capable of, but will soon find out.

The first interview I had this year was with Sensei Marvin Gatling, a highly sought after Martial Arts Grand Master who is also well-known as an Award Winning Photographer that goes by the name of Professor Marvin Gatling. When photographing the ages of the people where lifestyle meets Harlem’s tapestry, which seems to Mr. Gatling’s muse.

The lens of Harlem’s backdrop is captured in a panoramic  breath-taking view, with one of kind photo’s stamped with a crystal clear resolution to life’s precious moments, and memories set in a freeze frame of Professor’s Marvin Gatling final touch of development, admiration and respect for those who dare to pose while others are faded in as time passes.

The diversity that dwells therein has given the Great Sensei the opportunity to broaden his horizon’s as well as the journey that he carefully takes the tourists on throughout the city blocks of Harlem, which will be described in more detail within his long-awaited Coffee Table book, that displays that melting pot that is Harlem.

Marvin Gatling, Sensei & Photographer Copyright (2011)

The Grand Master, Sensei Marvin Gatling who teaches fitness technics to many remembers the instant results a group of Parkinson Patients received when utilizing his Patented Apparatus, ” many years ago, it stopped their shaking which has assisted with speeding up their healing process, needless to say I was happy that it helped them in this matter.” Quite revolutionary, his patented device that will work with anyone on every fitness level to aid in reshaping the body and bring strength and agility.

Well over forty (40) years, the Professor has been a landmark in himself, aiding in the beauty that is the Mecca of America, Harlem by recording it in both in still photographs and video. Adding to the history he has created with his camera are the words of wisdom, Mr Gatling shares with those willing to ask and/or lend a listening concerned ear.

Needless to say, Sensei Marvin Gatling is a walking historian in himself. Truly, it was my honor to be given the inside scope on the future of his line of products, websites and clothing line that will be coming to a URL need, so stay tuned for updates on

A Martial Arts Grand Master, Gatling has many students he mentors, locally as well as famous one’s on other parts of the earth. The mention of his name garners respect in many walks of life.

Dubbed Mr. 1 2 5, ironically, Professor Marvin Gatling is located outside the Office Supply Store, Staples where knowledge is dropped, lessons are taught on fitness, daily activities of living, and respecting the ones who have come and adorn the streets of Harlem where the spice of life awaits us all.

He admits the change that has awaken The New Harlem (we’ll touch on that more in the full interview and book), and it has taken a toll on many both financially and emotionally. He admits, as history repeats itself, the change that is reshaping Harlem only stands to get worst with gentrification defacing it’s original make-up.

The New Harlem and its cohorts have strategically managed to snatch the life blood out of the Legal Street Vendor thereby forcing them off their block and community for bigger corporations as well as wealthy people. His bittersweet pride in owning the footage of Harlem present and past, gives him a sense of relief that all will not be lost nor stolen from the increased rents, higher business taxes, and the inability to survivor they way one once has in the old Harlem.

As a walking Harlem elevator speech, Mr. Marvin Gatling will take you on trips that will educate, upset, by the truths he shares on the world view centered stage while all play their roles utilizing Harlem as there stage, and make you smile all while leaving you mesmerized at the amount of information one human being is able to store.

During this interview, I’d like to refer to as a conversation with a mentor (I claim him as my very own) you seem to become elevated on many dimensions simply by listening and living in the moment of awe realizing now you yourself are a part of ‘ The Staple Himself, Mr. Harlem’ simply by recording his views in a Kaleidoscope kind of way. As he voices the intricate dimensions of  the landscape and scope of Harlem’s past present, now, and future, it is surely a history lesson that will inspire teach you and take you in the lives of some of the most interesting Politicians, Celebrations, the single mom, and the regular Joe’s for a lack of a better terms with added pictures.

Commended for his ability to teach, reach and lead as the Staple located on West 125th Street & Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard (The State Building), which is why so many trust him with our stories and history. As the World changes, Professor Gatling continues to record our lives on the run ways of Black America while they all tune in to see what’s next for us.

Again, the full interview will be available on this site by way of  a linked video of how he lives to minister to the people of the world through the lens of the wisdom he envisions for those he encounters on many walks of life in no place else but the Mecca of The World, Harlem, New York City baby.

Marvin Gatling is Internationally known by Celebrities, World Travelers, Journalist, Television Personalities, and Politicians, having been commissioned to privately photograph there legacies on many occasions. Documented by authors in many books located in the Famous Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, truly, Marvin Gatling is a landmark in himself.

The Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York City

Image via Wikipedia

Having recorded the Greatest Show on Earth-Harlem’s-for over four (4) decades, Professor Marvin Gatling has well over 100,000 photographs. A friend of his, the late famous Howard “Sandman” Sims-born January 24, 1918 – May 20, 2003, a former Vaudeville Tap Dancer-and later the Tap Dancing Hook having usher of bad performances, and talent at the Famous Apollo Theater Stages, Sandman Sims catching his friend Marvin Gatling off guard confidently stated what so many would not, “indeed you are an Icon”, surprisingly, and humbly, The Iconic Marvin Gatling smiles in a speechless kindred kind of way.

Stay tuned for more on Marvin Gatling, Sandman Sims, Harlem, & ordinary people creating extraordinarily worth while lives becoming who they are changing the way we view the world:



This post brought to you by

Image by onebutan-iphone via Flickr

I said oh, I will post a post tomorrow because who is counting and nobody would know or would they? Does anybody care?

Yes, I care since my writing gifts are depending on. Heck, I am the one who felt I needed a challenge, hint the ONLY reason I took this WordPress Post A Day Challenge-while seeking to keep my sanity, and trust me at this point, I am wondering why would I take on another challenge (as if I don’t have enough blogs (3) to be exact.

It is my attempt to be a survivor at all things, so you can refer to me as SUPER DWRITER (lol), but I will survive it or at least that is my prayer.

Learning to juggle life, sleep (the body repairs itself between the hours of 10-2am, so I am hoping for a miracle that when I am sixty I don’t feel or look a million.

Seriously this challenge is not the most challenging for me, the challenge is hmmm writing itself especially with the constant interruptions (where do people get off asking Writers questions while they are Writing?Where they do that at? Glad you asked, in my family! Do they NOT comprehend that the words, I am composing are coming from a thinking creative brain where words & thoughts run rampant by the millisecond at least in my head?

The best Writers go on retreats for this reason alone, I am sure. NOTE TO SELF: Go on a Writing Retreat, ASAP! Perhaps there, I will discover respect and regard for my gifts as a REAL WRITER.

Folks either DON’T CARE or COULD CARE LESS about Our relationship with Our broken laptops, and the lack of relating to them (FOLKS) on a social level (I AM WORKING ON MY MASTERPIECES, so I HAVE NO MORE TIME TO WASTE, WHICH IS WHY I SPEND TIME PENNING MY PROSES, so please LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE CLICK OF THE KEYS, THANK YOU, Geeeeeeeeessssh, it’s getting to be a bit much!

For goodness sakes can’t you see I am typing, and if only I had a dollar for each time I say that surely I’d have an overflow in my piggy bank.

NOTE TO THE WRITE INTRUDERS, Writers are UNABLE to  ANSWER and/or RESPOND to your POINTLESS (find the remote yourself), UNRELATED (Who Cooked? I don’t know just eat it for crying out loud!) & SENSELESS coupled with LAZY QUESTIONS like where is the Ketchup, hmmm bend your back, and reach for it in the back of the refrigerator where you last left it!

Tomorrow I will offer you a more in dept look into my muse, words, so this post has been tagged at 11:18pm, hence, I am sticking to my post per day, woooooooooo. 🙂

Off to recalibrate my body clock if that’s at all possible because between the blue chapped painful lips, tight back, I thirst and hunger for rest not sleep but some good old fashion rest. Well i am proud of myself, I have completed this post without a bunch of run on sentences, bullet points, explaining the explanation as I can do often.

Diagram illustrating the influence of dark-lig...

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As a writer less can often be more something I must learn and apply although my writing on my other blogs has yet to be visited by the people who say they love me (they are tired of all the information, I send via text, Facebook and at family functions, so they have opted out of following me, and that is fine, I have learned not to bug them any further because they will read about me in magazines, books, and when I am on stages accepting my awards and thanking them for pushing me to be my best by shunning my talent, gifts and very being.

WOW,  I am shocked because this has to be my shortest post ever since I opted out of simply writing “this is my post per day”~thinking sarcastic prose wouldn’t help me as I stare at this white blank screen.

Well it is 11:29 pm, and I am done, so put a pen, I mean a fork in me, good night until my next post per day, I will be dreaming about blogging I am sure my life isn’t all that intriguing, I blog, I write, I seek greatest and I mentor in a nut shell that’s me oh yeah I eat, pray, praise, and laugh often.

Dwritewell Posting Daily For the Sake of Writing

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Pag web 052

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Thank you for the Welcome Mr. WordPress Man. I overlooked my first post, so NO, I will NOT edit nor delete the above message. I have started blogging, so thanks for the prompt as well as the platform to blog. CHEERS to you WordPress, although I did Delete the Hello World title since Google says it doesn’t pick that up, so its best to remove. Okay enough about that on with this my first blog, which I wrote second, but it is down.

According to this page’s message above, I have officially posted my first post to the wrong page, so this here is my second post on my third day of my WordPress, Post A Day Challenge, so enjoy me, my words, and my rants. 🙂

Until we share this page again, I will be away blogging on other platforms at,, and, and yes I know my blogspot blog needs some attention like a post of day to add to its contnet management system we call a blog 🙂