Broken Heart symbol

Mending the Broken Piece to Love Again

Back and fourth, again and again, time to say, no more rejects please.

How long does it take to reflect on lives broken promises, dreams that go unfulfilled, candles that simply melt away on birthday kisses wrapped in aged old wishes?  Looking to stitch the ribbons in the sky back to the quilt draped on fences that directs love back home without defenses nor pretenses.

Inviting, welcoming, and opening up you, while letting your guard down. No more frowns, for indeed you’ve found me in this small town, again you are welcomed and thanked at the same time, well pleased to have hearts meet on the same beat. Pillow with dried up tears and memories that never seem to fade say to dwindle away.

Am I jaded to believe in the happy ending. Is it too much to ask that you edit the script of my life or should I. Perhaps releasing that much power to you was too much and yet it seemed as though I was never enough while you played tough others wrecked our stuff oh well time passes, truly what lasts.

Black Love_L Train
Black Love Image by Fragola13 via Flickr
Why do you make love seem so hard? Is the puzzle to the broken pieces of the fragments of a pumping heart that complicated to mend or is it just that broken to find fault and way to fragile to mend? How does one learn to fill in the blank when the page has no more lines.
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated SA

Seeking Love at ALL Cost

To be continued, until next time …  signed a hopeless romantic awaiting love in a well lit room where my back is out, legs are strong, body is fit, rain gently hits window panes, just before he asks for my hand not in marriage ONLY because we just met, but for the dance of a lifetime. Envisioning it offers butterflies, but they are rejected because he gazes in my watery eyes.

The sway in my flowing dress, the curved dip in the small of my back, elongated neck laced with a solid pearl on crushed velvet smooths his mood while mellowing us both out. Grooving to the Jazz in the backdrop of our lives memories we create that are priceless in space where time no longer exist. Wrapping me gently in his warm embrace lingering in my nostrils forever will be the scent of his timeless trace as my hands caress his chiseled face.

The passionate kiss of his soft beautiful lips as our hearts throb on one accord, listening to the echo of unborn babies desiring to be born, lazy days thinking of relaxing in hammocks where breakfast is served in bed atop thick shapely cocoabrowne legs, that’s the love story in my head … curtains closed, the dance is over, clock strikes midnight, we call it a night, but not before mylove places a soft gentle I’ll be back endearing forehead kiss to keep his name atop the list … little does he know, he is the list although vaguely remembering giving him the keys, but interested to see what he does with them … LOVE ACTUALLY. xoxoxoxox