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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Thank you for the Welcome Mr. WordPress Man. I overlooked my first post, so NO, I will NOT edit nor delete the above message. I have started blogging, so thanks for the prompt as well as the platform to blog. CHEERS to you WordPress, although I did Delete the Hello World title since Google says it doesn’t pick that up, so its best to remove. Okay enough about that on with this my first blog, which I wrote second, but it is down.

According to this page’s message above, I have officially posted my first post to the wrong page, so this here is my second post on my third day of my WordPress, Post A Day Challenge, so enjoy me, my words, and my rants. 🙂

Until we share this page again, I will be away blogging on other platforms at,, and, and yes I know my blogspot blog needs some attention like a post of day to add to its contnet management system we call a blog 🙂